Gear List

Mic Pres

(10) Rupert Neve 511
(1) Bent Averill 1073MPF
(1) Langevin Dual Vocal Combo
(2) Vintech Dual 72
(1) Shiny Box Si (Quad channel)
(2) Shadow Hills Mono Gamma
(2) Universal Audio 2-610

Snare Drums

6.5” x 14” DW Bronze Snare
5”x14” 1970s Ludwig Superphonic
5”x14” Ludwig 100 Year Anniversary Black Beauty
6.5”x 14” Brady (Jerra Wood)
6.5”x14” Drum Paradise Black Beauty
6.5”x14” 2010s Ludwig Copperphonic
5.5”x14” DW Collectors 20Ply Maple
5.5”x14” 2018 Animal Drums Retro Mahogany
5.5”x14” Yamaha Anton Fig w/wood hoops
6.5”x14” 2011 Dark Horse 20Ply Maple
6.5”x14” Custom Stave Walnut
8”x14” Custom 6Ply Maple

Outboard Gear

(1) Urei 1176
(1) Universal Audio 1176LN
(1) Black Lion Audio Bluey 1176
(1) Stam Audio SA76ADF 1176
(1) DBX 160A
A/D Converter
Apogee Symphony Mkii(32 Channels)
Shadow Hills Oculus Monitor Controller
Mackie HR824 Nearfield Monitors
Aviom Headphone System (with 9 personal mixers)
(9) Sennheiser H280 Headphones
DAW/Plug Ins
Pro Tools HDX 1
Pro Tools Ultimate
Universal Audio
Steven Slate
Sound Toys


Late 1990s DW collectors series
22”x22” Bass Drum
12”x9” Rack Tom
16”x14” floor Tom
Mid 2010s DW Classic Series
22”x14” Bass Drum
12”x9” Rack Tom
16”x14” Floor Tom
2009 DW Jazz Series
22”x18” Bass Drum
12”x12” Rack Tom
13”x13” Rack Tom
16”x16” Floor Tom
18”x18” Floor Tom
Mid 2000s DW Collector Series
22”x18” Bass Drum
12”x12” Rack Tom
16”x16” Floor Tom

Guitar Amps

1963/64 Fender Bassman Head
Satellite Neutron
1989 Marshall JCM800 (50 Watt)
Marshall JCM900 (100 Watt)
Red Bear MK60
Voodoo  JCM800 clone
1990s Fender Twin Reverb
1990s Fender Twin Amp
Early 2000s Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
Mid 2010s Fender Supersonic
2000s Vox AC30
2000s Vox AC15
2010s Supro 1675RT (15” Speaker)
1960s Supro 1616T (8” Speaker)
Fender Deluxe (Kit amp with 15” Speaker)
Marshall 1960A 4×12 Cabinet w 25w Celestion Greenbacks
Mojotone 4×12 Cabinet w 30w Mojotone Greenbacks
Avatar 2×12 cabinet with 25w Mojotone Greenbacks
(1) Orange Terror Bass Head
Ampeg 410HLF Bass Cabinet


(1) Manley Reference Gold
(2) Manley Reference Cardiod
(2) Josephson e22s
(2) Coles 4038
(2) Telefunken ELAM 260
(2) AKG C414 B ULS
(2) Warm Audio WA47
(1) Royer R121
(2) Royer R101
(1) Mojave 101 fet
(4) Audix D6
(2) Shure SM81
(4) Shure SM57
(3) Shure SM58
(1) Telefunken M80SH
(1) Telefunken M82
(1) Shure Beta52
(1) Sennheiser MD421
(1) Beyer M88
(1) Telefunken M80
(1) Ear Trumpet Labs Nadine
(1) Placid Audio Copperphone
(1) Cathedral Pipes Seville Active Ribbon Mic
(1) Sennheiser e901
(1) Shure SM7B
(3) Rupert Neve RNDI Direct Boxes
(1) Tech 21 SansAmp


Late 2000s Fender Stratocaster
Late 2000s Fender Telecaster w Texas Special Pickups
2010s Fender Thinline Telecaster w Gordon Smith humbuckers
2020 Fender Squire Baritone Cabronita w P90 pickups
2011 Gibson Les Paul 60s Tribute w P90 pickups
2003 Gibson Les Paul w humbuckers
1991 Gibson Les Paul Studio w humbuckers and Bigsby
1996 Gibson Les Paul Special
2012 Gibson Midtown w P90 pickups and Bigsby
2020 Les Paul Jr Tribute w P90 pickups
2007 Les Paul Double Cutaway with Gordon Smith humbuckers
2000 Gibson SG
1999 Gretsch Duojet with TV Jones classic and classic plus pickups
2015 Gretsch G5620T with Magnatron pickups
2015 The Loar LH-279 arch top with P90 pickups
2011 Gordon Smith Graduate Double Cutaway with James Hetfield EMG pickups
2010s Epiphone Dot Studio ES335
Late 1990s Fender ‘62 Reissue P Bass


1972 Wm Knabe Upright Piano
1973 Fender Rhodes Piano
Nord Electro 3